In the very first (constituent) meeting of the StuPa, there was a scandal in the election of the AStA board. A member of the “Europa Liste” stood for election, who had distinguished himself in the previous legislative period primarily by abusing points of order (as a rule, not taking up an item on the agenda) as a political means of discourse. As a member of the StuPa presidium, it was easy for him not to prevent this abuse of the rules of procedure. A member of our list wanted to point out this abuse during the discussion about the AStA board candidacy, but was interrupted in mid-speech by a GO motion for an immediate vote (i.e.: immediate termination of the discussion) from the ranks of the Bunden Liste and was also not allowed to continue speaking. Although this was a violation of the StuPa’s rules of procedure and all democratic practices, it was allowed by the newly elected StuPa presidium and passed with the votes of the majority-leading Campus Digital and Bunte Liste lists. The loser in this process was above all democracy!

Subsequently, things remained “bumpy”. The substantive work was always possible, but often just not due to the lack of a quorum. In addition, there were further attempts to abuse the Rules of Procedure. After the aforementioned person left the AStA board and the StuPa in March, the skies brightened and good work could be done with all the remaining members of parliament (across all lists).

All in all, it remains to be said that the quality of parliamentary work and thus the benefit for all students depends to a large extent on the willingness and constructiveness of the individual parliamentarians. After the absolutely undemocratic events in the first session, we should have stopped the work purely for ideological reasons, but we didn’t do that, instead we tried to work constructively with everyone. From March at the latest, this was then also possible in the absence of an earlier, obstructive element, for which we are grateful and would like to explicitly thank everyone. We would like to continue this work. Because there is still a lot to do!

You can see what we have achieved during the legislature on the home page.